Selling Your Home

(It's Not Really Rocket Science - It's More Like Magic!)

The Goal

To find the perfect match between buyer and seller and use our experience to make it happen.

The Challenge

The mechanics of selling a home are really not very complicated when you get down to essentials. You need to find the buyer who most appreciates what your home has to offer and is also willing and able to pay the best price - then close the transaction. That's about all there is to it, except for a few thousand details. Bob Smith Realtors has the experience and resources to obtain the best possible price for your property and to handle the thousands of details from start to finish. Let us make your dream come true!

Pre-sale activities



Our marketing techniques usually result in multiple offers from qualified buyers. To properly evaluate the relative strengths and weaknesses of these various offers requires a great deal of knowledge and experience - we have that knowledge and experience!

The laws and regulations concerning real estate sales are constantly changing and have become exceedingly complex. The "normal" residential sale in California today will involve more than a hundred pages of legal documents. One innocent mistake can make the difference between a successful sale and a failed attempt OR worse yet, a lawsuit! We handle the entire transaction to maximize the benefits to you and minimize your problems.

Preparing Your Home To Sell