Rental Management Details

This page provides additional details about our philosophy and  property management service.

Property Management Requires Specialized Skills

Owning rental property gives you many benefits - a tangible investment with equity build up, a hedge against inflation and potential tax benefits. However, rental property must be properly managed to obtain high quality tenants and protect the value of your investment. Most of us have seen rental properties that show the neglect from poor management. Sometimes poor management is not so obvious. Property management requires a great deal of time and a variety of knowledge and talents. Superior marketing, maintenance and legal skills are required to insure success. One innocent mistake can cost you several thousand dollars or several hundred thousand dollars, depending on the mistake.

No More Hassles And Risk

Now, your equity can be safeguarded while you enjoy all the benefits of ownership and free yourself from the problems of management. Bob Smith, Realtors has been  a leader in local real estate sales and property management since 1971. Now you can benefit from the experience that we have gained over the years from handling hundreds of local properties.

We spend a great deal of effort to locate desirable tenants able to pay top market rents and we handle all showings to prospective residents. As part of our normal service we negotiate leases, collect rent from the tenant and handle all day-to-day problems that occur. The tenant calls us when something is wrong rather than bothering you. And you already know that these problems often occur in the evening, on weekends, and especially on holidays. Now you can enjoy your free time - the tenants call us rather than bothering you.

If your property is currently managed by another company, your tenant will be pleasantly surprised with the improved quality of service they receive from us. Our prompt response in solving problems will create improved tenant satisfaction, promote lower turnover and increase cash flow to you. This will enhance the value of your rental and increase your profit if you decide to sell the property.

Convenient Location

Proper management of rental property naturally requires frequent trips to the property. Our convenient Sunnyvale location enables us to effectively oversee all aspects of managing our clients' properties including the required repairs, showing to prospective residents, collecting rents, inspections and preventative maintenance activities.

Fast Turnaround

Whenever a vacancy occurs our workers quickly prepare the rental for occupancy to reduce vacancy losses. When they are finished your property will be in immaculate condition likely to appeal to the highest quality resident.

High Quality Tenants

Finding good tenants is one of the most important aspects of rental property management. Our many sources include major local employers and contacts with relocation companies. This allows us to locate quality tents that meet our high tenant standards. We perform meticulous screening including credit, employment and debt verifications to ensure that we lease to highly responsible residents..

Videotape Documentation

video.GIF (9950 bytes)After obtaining your approval to accept a tenant, we devote several hours to document the condition of the premises including comprehensive videotaping of the lease signing process with the tenant at your property while we explain the obligations to the resident and verify the condition of the premises. This procedure alone eliminates many misunderstandings.

Prompt Handling of Problems

Tenants expect uninterrupted enjoyment of their home. No one can match our response time whenever problems occur. Tenants are given a 24-hour phone number for emergencies.

Timely Rent Payments

Our superior screening and tenant orientation programs plus our proactive style of management results in prompt rent payments. We have a firm policy to collect rent when it is due so your cash flow is predictable.

Handle All Complaints

We handle all complaints concerning your property or residents. Our skills in maintaining good tenant relations insure that we minimize vacancies.

Free Shopping Service

Our extensive experience in shopping for replacement carpeting, drapes, appliances and other items for our clients' properties enables us to obtain high quality merchandise at reasonable prices when replacements are required. We don't charge extra for this service.


Oversee All Repairs

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Regular inspections of your property are performed to insure it is properly maintained. In addition to making repairs, we will recommend value enhancing upgrades based on a strict cost/benefit relationship.

Also, we will supervise all work to insure that it is done correctly. We maintain superior cost control over our tradesmen used for repairs, remodeling, painting and cleaning, etc. Our independent contractors have a good reason to deliver our clients superior work at a reasonable cost -- if they don't, they can lose all our business.

These projects may include minor repairs, rekeying locks, replacement of appliances and plumbing fixtures but may also include large projects like replacement of roofs, re-piping the entire structure and minor remodeling. We make sure that all workers are legally covered by Workers Compensation Insurance for your protection.

Monthly Accounting Statements

Each month we will give you a detailed accounting showing income and expenses for your rental property. Each statement includes current month figures and also year-to-date figures to help you keep track of your investment.

Also, we will provide you with the invoice for any repair so you will have good documentation to provide your tax advisor.

At your request we will make payments associated with your rental property such as mortgages, property taxes, insurance, homeowners dues, pool and landscaping services, etc.

We will disburse the cash flow to you each month with your accounting statement.

Free Account Setup

Bob Smith, Realtors does not charge any set-up fees for new property management accounts. Also, if your property is currently managed by another company, we are very experienced at making the transition in management easy for you and your residents.

It's Your Turn And It Only Takes One Finger

Now that you know how you can benefit by using Bob Smith, Realtors to manage your property, dial us today at:

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